Introducing the Weldman diving suit made by divers for divers.

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The entire suit is made in high-frequency welding technology, no seams or hot sealing tapes. Polyurethane is a modern material, with low weight and very high strength. Our main goal is to make our product a leak-proof product, easy to repair, so that it can be used for many hundreds of dives and that the price is very attractive. A thin layer of polyurethane with a weight of 560gr/cm3 gives full tightness, comfort and a new quality in developing your passion for diving. The suit is available in basic sizes and on individual order. Polyurethane is a modern dielectric used as the basic material in the suit, it is very flexible and resistant to punctures. Additionally reinforced with polyester material coated with polyurethane. All joints made in HF technology ensure durability and life. The neck is sealed with the Sitech neck tite system, which allows you to replace a damaged orifice in an easy and quick way. The polyurethane ring is directly welded to the material of the suit. The wrists are sealed with quick cuffs by Sitech. Also, being able to replace it quickly and easily is a great advantage. The inner ring is HF welded to the base material.

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