Jumping tubes

Jumping tubes




Jumping Tubes


Our jumping tubes are a fantastic solution that provides loads of joy and fun in the event industry, perfect for commercial use.

One of their main advantages is their extraordinary mobility, allowing for easy transport and setup in various locations, both indoors and outdoors. You can easily customize them to your needs, creating interesting and dynamic jumping courses that will attract participants' attention.

An additional benefit is the possibility of competition for up to 12 people at once! Your clients or event participants will have a great opportunity for rivalry and shared excitement. Our jumping tubes are not only great entertainment, but also fantastic tools for brand promotion or building customer relationships.

Material: Made from durable 900 g/cm2 PVC, ensuring long-lasting performance. Printing with customization option: Option to add individual prints for branding or personalization. Adjustable number of handles: Handles adapted to the number of participants, ensuring safety and comfort. Color customization: Possibility to customize the colors of the jumping tubes to match the event theme or brand colors.

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