Kayak - pneumatic kongo

Kayak - pneumatic kongo

Introducing the Kongo - an inflatable kayak!



This lightweight and compact kayak can be easily inflated within a few minutes with the included pump, and packed into a small transport bag for easy storage and transportation. Its durable and puncture-resistant material makes it perfect for exploring lakes, rivers, and especially river rapids. The kayak has separate air chambers for increased safety, as well as inflatable seats providing a comfortable position.


Kongo is an attraction for 2 or more people depending on the model, allowing for river trips up to grade 4. The kayaks are very stable due to their high buoyancy. You can choose between an inflatable or wooden bench and a small motor mount.


The kayak comes with paddles and a repair kit, so nothing will catch you off guard. Whether you are an experienced kayaker or simply looking for a cool way to discover great outdoor places, an inflatable kayak is the perfect choice.

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