Pontoon boats - series "R"

Pontoon boats - series "R"

If morning fog over the lake and the struggle with a fish is what makes you feel alive, our reliable fishing pontoon is the perfect choice for you.


Made from durable PVC or TPU material, it is tough, lightweight and puncture-resistant. The pontoon has multiple chambers and an optional rigid floor, ensuring stability while fishing. It also comes with a motor mount, rod holders and a storage space under the tarpaulin for all your fishing gear. Additionally, a convenient bag is included for easy transport and storage. Whether you're a freshwater or saltwater angler, this inflatable boat is an ideal choice for your next fishing adventure.


  •  5-year warranty.
  •  Material: PCV 1100 / PCV 1450 or TPU.
  •  Floor: Soft PCV / rigid wooden panel or high-pressure Drop-Stitch inflatable.
  •  Optional electric motor mount.
  •  Paddles – oars and oarlocks.
  •  Intended use: Inland waters.
  •  Product type: Gas-tight tubes.
  •  Printing: Local printing available.
  •  Available colors: Gray, Camo, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Orange (depending on availability).


Each pontoon is made to order, so choose your color, accessories, and equipment. With our offer, we guarantee a 5-year warranty and efficient post-warranty service. 100% Polish product

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